XP and Grades: Moving from Subtractive to Additive Grading

In my gamification journey, I’ve learned a lot through trial-and-error. In this blog series, I’m going to outline how I developed my gamified grading system to increase student engagement and focus on learning. To begin, I’ll look at why I changed the way I grade and some initial setup.

The Limitations of Authority

In his book, Gladwell talks about the unrest in Northern Ireland, and how a British officer attempted to quell the unrest by cracking down severely on citizens and instituted a harsh curfew. The idea was that they would instill fear into the citizens and keep them from breaking any laws. The opposite happened.

David vs. Goliath

We are going to encounter Goliaths this school year, possibly more than in previous years.

The Thing about XP and Grades

I’m working on adding a gamification overlay to my class next year, and I’ve been thinking a lot about grading as I’m going through the process. I’ll utilize XP and levels to determine grades each grading period, and students will have the opportunity to earn XP through a variety of methods.


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