Below are presentations I have delivered for district professional learning as well as conference sessions. Most presentations run about an hour. Some are all-day seminars that can be split into hour-long sessions. If you’re interested in having me come do one of these sessions (or a session specific to your needs), please contact me.

Engaging & Motivating Students with the 4 Cs of STEM

Learn how to utilize the 4 key ideas of STEM (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking) to engage students more with class content.

Transform Your Lessons into Interactive Presenatations

Pear Deck is a wonderful tool that allows you to take Powerpoint or Google Slide presentations and make them interactive for students. This session shows you how to use Pear Deck and gives ideas for implementing it in class.

Transform Your Classroom with Video

With video becoming easier to create and publish, students can use video to engage more with your class. Epuzzle, Screencastify, and Flipgrid are three apps that can be used alone or together to create wonderful opportunities to give your students a voice.

Flip That Class

Learn what a flipped classroom is and why it can be beneficial to your classroom. Flipped classrooms free you up to focus on other key aspects of teaching than giving information.

Teacher Hacks

Ready to take your ed tech game to the next level? This full-day seminar goes through advanced ed tech ideas and app smashing. If you enjoy using technology in your classroom, this session will give you a lot of great ideas for class.

ELA 4 Life – Writing Beyond the Essay

Most students see writing as nothing more than an essay written for class. Come take a look at ways you can change writing assignments into real-world applications. We’ll look at the principles of writing and how they translate into a modern-day context and utilize technology to increase engagement.

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