The 8-Bit Instructor: Visual Communication with Tony Vincent (EP026)

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Episode 26

In this week’s episode, Tony Vincent joins me, and we talk about how we can utilize visual communication more in the classroom. Plus, news and updates from Microsoft, Google, and IXL; this week’s treasure chest; and, of course, your question of the week.

News & Updates

Treasure Chest: Google Chrome Tab Search

  • Chrome 88 now has a feature you can enable which allows you to search for tabs
  • Check out my blog post on how to do it here.

Boss Battle: Visual Communication with Tony Vincent

  • Visual Communication
    • Defined: getting information with our eyes
    • Graphically representing information
    • Doing it efficiently and in ways people want to look at
  • Why is it important?
    • it all impacts what you’re communicating
  • Ways teachers can up their visual communication game
    • Take text and pull out important points and put icons or pictures with it
    • Dual coding: words & images
    • Make it simple, easy to understand
  • Ways students can utilize visual communication
    • Use infographics
    • Infopic – smaller, simpler than an infographic
      • Use text, icons, pictures on a smaller scale
    • Create something in Google Slides and Drawings
    • Give feedback on designs to improve the communication
  • Tech and programs to use
    • Use what you’re comfortable with
    • As you use templates, you’ll begin to customize your own
  • Shapegrams
    • Recreate a picture in Google Drawings to improve your drawing skills
    • Students can use those skills to create their own visuals for projects and assignments
    • $35 a year for the full subscription (36 different Shapegrams)
    • Other uses teachers have used
      • Create clip art for yearbook
      • Stickers to spread out around school
      • Slides and animations
  • Connect with Tony online
    • Learning in Hand
    • Shapegrams
    • Follow Tony on Twitter

Resources mentioned

  • Noun Project
  • Adobe Spark
  • Canva
  • Google Slides/Drawings
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Keynote (Mac)
  • Canva color palette generator
  • Slides Carnival
  • Slidesmania
  • Slides Go
  • Shapegrams

Crew Members’ Board (#8BitCrew)

QOTW: What’s one way you can work to increase visual communication in your subject area?

Use #8BitCrew on Twitter, tag me @comicsocks, or post longer stories in the comments section here.

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Music by David Fesliyan (

  • Intro/Outro: “Retro Platforming”
  • Boss Battle: “Boss Battle Rock”
  • Crew Member’s Board: “Pirate Dance”
  • Wrap up: “Game Over” by Patrick de Arteaga

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