The 8-Bit Instructor: The BIG NEWS from John Meehan (EP030)

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Episode 30

This week, John Meehan’s here, and he’s got some BIG NEWS! Listen in for some excellent stuff, and a little bit of wrestling talk. Plus, news from Microsoft and Google.

News & Updates

Microsoft: Automate workflows
  • Power Automate takes everyday tasks and automates them through “flows”
  • Think a flow chart
  • Some examples of automation
    • Create tasks in Microsoft Planner for onboarding new teachers
    • Registration for courses or events
    • Collecting instructional feedback
    • Track approvals or requests for maintenance
Google Workspace

Treasure Chest: Slides Timer Extension

  • Slides Timer Google Chrome extension
    • Create timers in Google Slides with text placeholders
    • Use <<5:00->> to count down from the time in the brackets
    • Use <<0:00+>> to count up from the time in the brackets
    • Use <<time>> to add a clock
    • Keep your design aesthetic without having to import Youtube video timers

Boss Battle: The BIG NEWS from John Meehan

John and I spend some time discussing professional wrestling (although that’s not the BIG news)

John and Michael Matera tag-teamed to create a teacher resource site, EMC2 Learning

The site offers a wealth of resources for teachers that are plug and play adaptable to any classroom.

Premium members get access to all of the resources, and trust me, it’s worth it.

Check out the site here.

Crew Members’ Board (#8BitCrew)

QOTW: Not so much a question this week: Go check out John and Michael’s site

Okay, if you want to answer a question of the week, tell me who your favorite professional wrestler is.

Use #8BitCrew on Twitter, tag me @comicsocks, or post longer stories in the comments section here.

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Music by David Fesliyan (

  • Intro/Outro: “Retro Platforming”
  • Boss Battle: “Boss Battle Rock”
  • Crew Member’s Board: “Pirate Dance”
  • Wrap up: “Game Over” by Patrick de Arteaga

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