Educational Podcasts to Listen to

Since we’re all trapped at home teaching remotely, it’s a pretty good time to do some self-learning as well. I’ve been catching up on and exploring some new educational podcasts that are perfect for growing and learning during this remote learning situation. Here are some of my favorites that I listen to weekly. They’re in no particular order, and this is certainly not an exhaustive list of all the quality educational podcasts out there because they’re a lot more that I don’t even know about.

Educational Duct Tape by Jake Miller 

This podcast, hosted by Jake Miller, is designed around his analogy that technology is like duct tape: it’s best when it’s used as a tool to help address learning standards and accommodate student needs as well as provide engaging content for students. Released every other Wednesday, Jake interviews key influencers in the world of education, and it seems like every episode I listen to, I end up putting a new book in my Amazon shopping cart.

Google Teacher Podcast by Matt Miller and Kasey Bell

Matt Miller (not to be able to confuse with a Jake) from Ditch That Textbook and Kasey Bell from Shake Up Learning team up to give educators a wealth of knowledge of all of the G Suite tools. They keep up with. All the latest news from Google as well as sharing tips and tricks for utilizing Google in the classroom. This was the first educational podcast I came across when I started looking, and being a G Suite user, I found this incredibly helpful.

The House of Ed Tech by Chris Nesi

The House of Ed Tech is hosted by Chris Nessie, who also runs the Educational Podcast Network. The podcast is set up under the premise that technology is changing the way that we teach and the way that students learn. Essentially, technology is changing the way the world works.

The show discusses the ways ed tech can be used in the classroom and features a listener feedback section where educators can share a lot of their tips for the weekly question. Each year, he does an Ed Tech March Madness tournament for the best ed tech tools of the year.

The show really emphasizes the idea that technology doesn’t have to be complex or scary. Just give it a try. 

The Shake Up Learning Show by Kasey Bell

The Shake Up Learning podcast is hosted by Kasey Bell, author of Shake Up Learning. Kasey doles out a lot of tech tips and interviews prominent educators. Occasionally, she does on-air coaching sessions with teachers who are having a tough time implementing effective strategies in class.

The show helps teachers find practical ways to integrate technology into the classroom and implement dynamic learning techniques to refine instructional strategies and transform classroom learning into a more engaging atmosphere.

The Creative Classroom with John Spencer. 

John Spencer is a college professor who taught middle school. His podcast focuses on inserting creativity and imagination more into the classroom. He explores the answers to the question, What would it look like if students took more control of their learning and lived with an attitude of wonder and exploration?

Sons of Technology with Kyle Anderson and Joe Marquez

The Sons of Technology podcast is a roundtable discussion of creative ways to use technology into classroom. It’s hosted by Kyle Anderson and Joe Marquez but often features a lot of guest hosts with various areas of expertise with technology. The skies the limit here as the folks that are a part of their ed tech army explore crazy and outrageous ideas for ways to change classroom learning. \Not afraid to fail, this podcast really gets into the idea of implementing STEM and working through a growth mindset to utilize ed tech to its full potential. 

There are plenty more out there, but this should give you a good list to get started if you don’t already listen to education podcasts. What are some that I missed? What are some that you listen to that I didn’t mention?

Comment on your favorites below.

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Lee Tucker is a high school English teacher who not only teaches literature and writing but also creates it himself. Lee is a huge fan of fantasy and science fiction, video games, comic books, and all things nerdy.

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