The Limitations of Authority

In his book, Gladwell talks about the unrest in Northern Ireland, and how a British officer attempted to quell the unrest by cracking down severely on citizens and instituted a harsh curfew. The idea was that they would instill fear into the citizens and keep them from breaking any laws. The opposite happened.

The 8-Bit Instructor: Reflections on a Crazy Year (EP042)

It’s the final episode of the first season! I do some reflecting on this past year and the things I’ve learned as well as things that will hopefully continue on after things go back to “normal”.

The Current State of a Classroom Teacher

For anyone out there who cares to know, I’m not doing great. This year has drained me. Going back into the last few weeks of the semester after Thanksgiving Break, I’m usually ready to go. After all, three weeks is nothing leading up to Christmas Break and the end of the semester. It’s usually one of the more chill times of the school year. Except that this year it isn’t.

The 8-Bit Instructor: ISTE Standards in the Classroom (EP018)

In this week’s episode, we look at how to implement ISTE standards in the classroom. I have some news from Google. A helpful website in the treasure chest. And, of course, your question of the week.