The 8-Bit Instructor: Why I Skipped Class My Senior Year (EP002)

Episode 2

In this week’s episode, we take a look at another useful Google Chrome trick. I discuss ways to lay solid foundations for building positive relationships with students at the beginning of the year. We also look at some feedback and this week’s Question of the Week.

News & updates

  • Google Keyword blog: (, (Adobe Spark), (Anchor), WordPress blogs (, Google Meet (

Treasure Chest: Incognito Window (Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+N, or Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+click)

  • Doesn’t go into your browser history
  • Super useful for checking links without being signed in, especially when sending links to students, parents, or colleagues

Boss Battle: Building relationships with students at the beginning of the year

  1. Learn their names
  2. Talk to them and get to know them
    • find activities, etc. they can do on their own that will free you up to wander about the class
    • Find activities that allow them to tell you about them
  3. Be quirky
    • Quirkiness humanizes you
  4. Greet them at the door
    • Let them know they are a priority to you
    • Shake their hand on the way in (or some other creative method this year): fist bump, elbow bump, foot tap, the college football leap, a “sani-shake”
    • Find something unique that makes them look forward to interacting with you
    • Ask them about their day
    • Side note: compliment first, dress code second
  5. Throw out some goofy conversation starters, and let them talk
  6. Let students have some input
    • rules/procedures
What about online classes?

Here are some ideas for digital ways of building those relationships

  • Set up individual Google Meet/Zoom calls with students or small groups
  • Flipgrid video intros
  • Padlet for a picture and bio
  • Google Slides virtual locker (My wife’s example)
  • Google Forms surveys

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Feedback Shout Outs

Katie Powell – @Beyond_the_Desk

QOTW: What is one thing you do to establish good relationships with your students right away?

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