The Limitations of Authority

In his book, Gladwell talks about the unrest in Northern Ireland, and how a British officer attempted to quell the unrest by cracking down severely on citizens and instituted a harsh curfew. The idea was that they would instill fear into the citizens and keep them from breaking any laws. The opposite happened.

The 8-Bit Instructor: Turning Demons to Angels (EP014)

This week, we look at dealing with problem students and changing those demons into angels. News and updates from Google and Edji. A sweet tip for Google Slides. And as always, your 8-Bit Crew question of the week.

The 8-Bit Instructor: Why I Skipped Class My Senior Year (EP002)

In this week’s episode, we take a look at another useful Google Chrome trick. I discuss ways to lay solid foundations for building positive relationships with students at the beginning of the year. We also look at some feedback and this week’s Question of the Week.