The 8-Bit Instructor: Tools to Help You Close the Feedback Gap (EP032)

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Episode 32

This week, we take a look at tools to help you close the feedback gap in person and online. Plus, news from Google and Microsoft.

News & Updates


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Boss Battle: Tools to help you close the feedback gap

Why feedback is important

  • Students need guidance
    • If they don’t get that correction, negative skills are reinforced
  • How I used to do it
    • Teach lessons
    • Give assignment
    • Grade and feedback
  • Want to see feedback at its best? Look to coaches
    • When coaches see a mistake at practice, they immediately stop and fix problems
    • They get in there and snow them what to do, then tell them to try it again

Keys to effective feedback

  • Clear and specific
  • As immediate as possible

My new way

  • Give assignment
  • Lessons and feedback while they’re working
  • Score assignments

Tools to provide feedback

  • By mouth (conferencing)
    • Spend one on one river with them discussing their work
    • Tips I’ve learned
      • Instead of just telling them what’s wrong, point out places and have them analyze
      • Get them to write down fixes
      • Hold them to the revisions (reflections are helpful for this)
  • Google Classroom, Docs, Slides
    • Questions
      • Post a question for students to answer, then reply in the private comments
    • Comments bank
      • Save common comments
      • It’s not the fastest, but it’s good for comments you use a lot
  • Mote
    • Mote extension for Chrome allows you to record voice comments for students
    • transcribes into several languages (good for ELLs)
    • STEM mode allows you to transcribe formulas and scientific notation
    • Works in Docs, Slides, Sheets, Classroom
  • Screencast videos
    • For longer assignments
    • Add visuals to help students see specifics
  • Don’t neglect the power of power feedback either
    • I like TAG
      • Tell something good
      • Ask thoughtful questions
      • Give constructive suggestions
    • John and Michael at EMC2 Learning have some great resources as well
      • No Red Lights Rubric
      • Personal Record Rubrics
      • Badge Battle

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QOTW: How do you utilize feedback in your classroom?

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