PeerGrade Tutorial: Setting up a Class

If you’re planning on using PeerGrade as a website to help your student deliver peer feedback to each other’s work, here’s a quick tutorial on how to set up an individual class:

1. Create Class

First things first, when you log in, you’ll be taken to the home page where you’ll see any classes you’ve already created. To create a new class, simply click “Create Class” in the top right corner.

2. Create, Copy, or Import

Once you create a new class, you’ll have the option of creating, copying, or importing a class. If you are creating a new class, just type in the title of the class and click “Create new class”.

You can copy and existing class if you teach several sections of the same class. Click the class you want to copy from the pulldown menu, give the new class a name, then choose your copy options and click “Create new class”. This option allows you to copy any previously assigned work that you’ve given to the class you’re copying as well.

PeerGrade allows you to import classes you may have in Google Classroom or Clever. To do so, click on the appropriate button and then select the class you want to import. (Note: You’ll need to have your Google account or Clever account synced with PeerGrade in the User Settings.)

3. Add Students

If you imported classes from Google Classroom or Clever, any students who are already connected to that class will automatically be imported into PeerGrade. If you have new students transfer in late in the semester, you’ll need to add them individually.

To add new students to a class, you have a couple of options. You can give them a class code by going to the class page and clicking on the Participants tab. You’ll see the code, and students can go to and type the code in.

You can also invite students, and even other teachers, through email. Click on the blue “Invite participants” button on the right side and enter in names and email addresses. They’ll get a link to click an join.

That’s it! It’s a simple 3-step process to get a class going. Now you’re ready to create new assignments and have students provide feedback to each other.

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