The 8-Bit Instructor: Level Up Student Assessment (EP034)

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Episode 34

This week, I take a look at a variety ways we can assess students to prevent assessment exhaustion as we get ready for testing season. Plus, news and updates from Mote, Google, and Flipgrid.

News & Updates

  • Mote for Gmail
    • Use the same Mote feature now in Gmail
  • Additional language support for live captions in Google Meet on Android and iOS devices
    • French, German, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Find files shared with you using updated search operators in Google Drive
    • “from:” will now return files shared with you by the specified email address. Previously, it would have returned files owned by that email address.
    • “to:” will now return files that you have shared with the specified email address. Previously, it would have returned all files that the email address had permissions to view, comment, or edit.
    • “sharedwith:” is a new search operator which will return files that the specified email address owns or has permission to view, comment or edit.
    • “owner:” returns files owned by the specified email address. There is no change to this operator, but you can use it to return the results you would previously have used the “from:” operator for.
  • New and improved Google Chat UI on the web
    • In Chat rooms, you can now access shared files and tasks via tabs at the top of the room
    • quick access side panel on the right side, like in Gmail, to provide access to apps like Calendar, Keep, Tasks, and Maps
    • Search for existing conversations or for people to start new conversations is now under the “+” on the left-side navigation.
    • You can use the search bar at the top to look for content across all rooms and direct messages (DMs). To search for content within each room or direct message, click on the search button at the top right corner of the room/DM first and then proceed to search for content in the search bar.
    • The “Chat” and “Rooms” sections on the left-side navigation bar are static, allowing you to scroll more easily within each section. You can readjust the height of each of the sections based on your preference.
    • Feature to toggle between full screen view and pop-up view for both rooms and DMs, allowing easier multi tasking between conversations.
    • Integration with Google Meet so you can join or start a call directly from Chat
    • Pinned chats and rooms are now at the top of the Chat and Rooms sections instead of in a separate Pinned section. Users can unpin any unused pinned conversations to reduce clutter in these sections.
    • will now redirect to However, users can continue to use to access Chat.

Treasure Chest:

“If you give a man an answer, all he gains is a little fact. But give him a question and he’ll look for his own answers.”

Patrick Rothfuss
  • Don’t just give students the answers
  • Guide them to finding the answers
  • Answer questions with questions

Boss Battle: Level Up Student Assessments

Why change it up?

  • Addressing in a variety of ways helps with transfer
    • Episodic vs. semantic memory
    • Stop Talking, Start Influencing by Jared Cooney Horvath
    • Episodic – memories are locked to a  specific time and place
      • If they practice the same way every time, they only recall information in that same environment
    • Semantic – memories are formed using similarities gleaned from relevant episodic memories
      • 1 + 1 = 2
  • Newer twists on Traditional Assessments
  • Google Questions
    • Pose a question
    • Students answer
    • Read and comment
    • Students respond
  • Conferencing
    • One on one conversations with students
    • Have them while they’re working
  • Flipgrid
    • Pose a question, problem, whatever you want to assess
    • Students explain their reasoning or talk through their thought process
  • Creation
    • Create quiz/test questions
    • Create instructional videos
    • Create posts or web pages

Crew Members’ Board (#8BitCrew)

QOTW: What are some ways you assess students that aren’t traditional quizzes/tests?

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Music by David Fesliyan (

  • Intro/Outro: “Retro Platforming”
  • Boss Battle: “Boss Battle Rock”
  • Crew Member’s Board: “Pirate Dance”
  • Wrap up: “Game Over” by Patrick de Arteaga

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