5 Tips & Tricks for Staying Organized in Gmail

If you’re like me, you are constantly bombarded with emails daily, and often those small things you need to do get lost in the slush. So we’re going to take a look at a few features that you can use Gmail for to help you keep up with everything you need to do.

Google Keep – A Better Way to Keep Notes

ogle Keep has quickly become one of my favorite tools in the Google toolbox. The app has expanded its capabilities and now has a lot of great things that it can do. Here are some of the best features about Google Keep that will help you stay organized with information.

Creating a Branching Quiz in Google Forms to Increase Student Learning

Google Forms is a versatile tool that can do a lot of things. One of the most helpful things it can do is help differentiate student learning through something called branching.

Using Various Question Types in Google Forms

Google Forms is a great app that you can use to gather information from students, parents, and colleagues. Forms has several different types of questions that are useful in many ways. Here are a few ways you can use each type of question in Forms.