The 8-Bit Instructor: Turning Demons to Angels (EP014)

EP042 Reflections on a Crazy Year The Educator's Quest

It's the final episode of the first season! I do some reflecting on this past year and the things I've learned as well as things that will hopefully continue on after things go back to "normal".
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Episode 14

This week, we look at dealing with problem students and changing those demons into angels. News and updates from Google and Edji. A sweet tip for Google Slides. And as always, your 8-Bit Crew question of the week.

News & Updates

  • Google
    • Workspace add-ons will be generally available in Docs, Sheets, and Slides – Read more here.
    • Google Cloud’s AppSheet is a no-code way to develop apps – Read more here.
    • You can now grant access to Drive files directly from Gmail – Read more here.
  • Edji now integrates Immersive Reader into its platform

Treasure Chest: Start video on click in Slides

  • Now, you can set a video to play on click in Slides rather than having to click on the video on the Slide

Boss Battle: Turning Demons to Angels

  • I almost got into a fight my very first day of teaching
  • How do we turn those demons into angels?
    • Be understanding
      • Students don’t come from the same background we do
    • Be compassionate
      • It’s easy to just write them up
      • We have to offer grace and mercy
    • Be patient
      • Change doesn’t happen overnight
    • Be empowering
      • A lot of these students have never, or rarely, been told that they are good at something
      • Look for the good and empower them to do what they can

Crew Members’ Board (#8BitCrew)

QOTW: What are you success stories with students?

Use the #8BitCrew on Twitter or post longer stories in the comments section here.

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Music by David Fesliyan (

  • Intro/Outro: “Retro Platforming”
  • Boss Battle: “Boss Battle Rock”
  • Crew Member’s Board: “Pirate Dance”
  • Wrap up: “Game Over” by Patrick de Arteaga

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