The 8-Bit Instructor: Reflections from GaETC (EP017)

In this week’s episode, I reflect on my time at the Georgia Ed Tech Convention. I have some news from Flipgrid and Google. A time-saving tip for Google apps in the treasure chest. And, of course, your question of the week.

Book Review: Stop Talking, Start Influencing by Jared Cooney Horvath

Stop talking, Start Influencing, by Jared Cooney Horvath, breaks down 12 key ideas from brain science and looks at how they can be implemented in the classroom. I first came across this book when Horvath was a guest on Jake Miller’s Educational Duct Tape podcast. After listening to the interview, I knew that I neededContinue reading “Book Review: Stop Talking, Start Influencing by Jared Cooney Horvath”

4 Tips for Remote Teaching & Learning

Students and teachers alike had to adjust and readjust plans and ideas to move from face-to-face interaction to online instruction. It was a week of learning and trial-and-error. I’ve put together a few tips that I gained after this past week to help you through this online learning process.